Reliable Roof Storm Damage Restoration

Reliable Roof Storm Damage Restoration

Michigan Storm Damage Restoration

After a storm, roofing contractors get many calls about storm damage. Restoration should begin right away in order to avoid secondary issues. MNM Construction roofing contractors are able to respond quickly to your call for service.

Many of the storm repairs we complete are covered by insurance, and here we can assist by providing all the documentation you need to give to your adjuster. If your damage isn’t covered, you’re sure to appreciate our very competitive prices and flexible financing with low monthly payments that make it easy to budget for the work you need.

Highly Skilled Roof Storm Damage Repair Specialists

Most damage to roofs are invisible from the street-view which is why we offer a free inspection in the Metro Detroit area means you’re able to enjoy the beauty of all four seasons. It also means you have to endure many types of severe weather, including heavy snow fall, hail, and high winds. MNM Construction has the skills, resources, and training to help you recover from all types of storm damage including:

  • Wind Damage: It’s strange how wind can wreak havoc on one home and leave others nearby untouched. If you find shingles on the ground when the wind dies down, or see other signs of damage, we’ll help return your home to its pre-event condition.
  • Hail Damage: Hail can crack shingles and, in some cases, puncture the roof completely. If your home has been impacted by hail, a roof inspection is the best way to ensure no damage is missed. Since all hail damage may not be easily visible, having a thorough inspection performed is a smart choice.

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